The development of diagnostic and therapeutic tools knows a considerable development that has contributed to the eradication of a number of infectious diseases and decrease of others. However, the number of chronic diseases has constantly increased. Indeed, Morocco knows an epidemiological change marked by an increased rate of chronic diseases. So, different actors in the areas of health and scientific research must multiply the efforts to respond to the new health requirements related notably to these diseases.

The SR2BQV cluster is a multidisciplinary structure, with diverse skills that allows focusing on different aspects related to chronic diseases and their effect on the life quality of the population. Thereby, experts from different disciplines (physicians, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, physicists, economists, sociologists, psychologists....), will have the opportunity to debate this thematic under different angles.


  • Compiling an overview on chronic diseases and their impact on life quality and the progress of scientific research in this field.
  • Promoting research on chronic diseases and sharing knowledge and experiences between national and international researchers.
  • Consolidating collaborations between researchers from different disciplines and socio-economic actors to reinforce research for the benefit of the patient.
  • Contributing to the improvement of life quality of patients with chronic diseases and their families.